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A short guide for beginners & advanced users who want to transact anonymously via Cryptovocher! PayPal is not possible through us directly, as anonymity is our top priority. Providers who accept PayPal directly do not take their own anonymity or that of their customers very seriously.

IPTV 24 hours free trial

Test Cardsharing 24 hours free of charge

Nevertheless, there are ways and means to pay via PayPal / instant bank transfer / credit card, but this requires a small detour.

We only accept MAXIMUM 2x 10€ worth of Cryptovoucher codes, if you do not comply, your order will simply not be processed, as the fees are simply too high for 8x 10€ Cryptovoucher, that is 25-30€ fees for us.

ATTENTION: If you pay with a 100€ Cryptovoucher code with us, you will receive 5€ as credits for FREE! In addition, you will never lose money, e.g. if you decide for 12 months IPTV, you will receive 20€ as credits on your account.

First you need to go to one of the following pages: ( There you can decide for yourself with over 30 providers at "Online distributor" and please do not buy at "Market" there are 80% scammers )

Depending on the site, you can buy a code in the appropriate amount by credit card, PayPal or instant bank transfer and then send it to us in a ticket after completing the order.

IPTV 24 hours free trial

Test Cardsharing 24 hours free of charge

So it is now possible for you via PayPal and also via credit card for your IPTV or cardsharing. Simply copy the code that is now displayed and sent to you by e-mail and enter it into our ticket system.

2 thoughts on “Service mit Paypal / Kreditkarte

  1. frank stoll

    Is it possible to pay with Paypal credit? Or is it too complicated via detours?
    Would take a year of iptv.

    • Support Post author


      as we are a 100% anonymous provider, a direct Paypal payment is unfortunately not possible with us, providers who make this possible are not 100% anonymous and are also not recommended.

      Your team from

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